Top interior design fads in SoCal

Every house is unique in its own way, especially when it comes to interior design. Homeowners often select design styles that are influenced by what is popular in their part of the world. Joybird took a look at the styles most searched by state using Google Trends. The most popular design choice across the nation […]

New Fencing Design Ideas This Week

Do you consider great fences make great neighbors? Or are you with Gene Autry, looking for large open country? If you reside in close quarters with your neighbors, you’re probably in the previous camp — whether or not it’s a fence to keep a dog at home, an aluminum wall around your pool for safety […]

Rare Finds at Local Pawn Shops

Need some power tools, a guitar, a TV or a paintball gun? What about a $15,000 mummy? If you are in the marketplace for something unusual and perhaps practical, then San Bernardino’s antique stores and pawn shops may be the place for you. One of the most enduring, has been open since 1950. The shop […]

Inspect Your Residential Roof

Food, clothing as well as a roof over your head most would concur are basic needs. We’re two out of three at our home. The soggy realization that our roof was kaput soaked in a few weeks ago. “Uhhh, Honey?” I said, looking up from the kitchen dining table toward a brown splotch forming on […]